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The core mission of AEROMIC is to develop breakthrough microphone technologies to significantly increase the environmental performance of aircraft, such as reducing noise emissions. AEROMIC aims to develop advanced digital microphones by leveraging the state-of-the-art microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology for next-generation aeroacoustic applications, which will contribute to European competitiveness in the aeronautics industry.


A Horizon2020 project coordinated by

Silicon Austria Labs

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Added value
through Aeromic

In the AEROMIC project, the final target is to provide a turn-key fast applicable solution for aeroacoustic measurements, which is expected to have a marked impact on some EU-leading industries such as the aviation, automotive, and wind energy. For example, the advanced method of aeroacoustic measurements can not only accelerate the development progress in the aviation and automotive sectors but also improve the overall performance of aircrafts and vehicles. Consequently, the smart, green, and integrated transport will be achieved as a driven force of the economy recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aeromic as flagship project

The AEROMIC project is the first EU project coordinated by SAL, which brings us to a remarkable opportunity for embracing Europe’s aeronautical research and innovation. Also, it is the only granted project in the MEMS field under the H2020/Clean Sky 2 programme in 2020.


We tackle the challenges of the 21st century


Reducing noise emissions


Developing promising technologies


Smart and sustainable air travel


Maintaining and protecting the natural environment


Improving human health


Post-pandemic economic recovery

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Innovation: Microphones reducing aircraft noise

Innovation: Microphones reducing aircraft noise

With AEROMIC, the Austrian top research center Silicon Austria Labs (SAL) is coordinating a transnational EU project for the first time. Research is carried out on innovative microphones that measure noise emissions on the surface of aircraft. The aim is to...

Silicon Austria Labs leads first H2020 project AEROMIC

Silicon Austria Labs leads first H2020 project AEROMIC

Together with Technische Universität Berlin (Germany), Vectoflow GmbH (Germany), USound GmbH (Austria), University Carlos III de Madrid (Spain) and Universitetet i Sørøst-Norge (Norway), SAL is working on the project AEROMIC. The project, which is part of the Horizon...

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