Members of the AEROMIC consortium met in Southern Germany on August 1 and 2, 2022. The goal of this first in-person consortium meeting was to perform wind tunnel tests of the first piezoresistive and piezoelectric microphone prototypes at the Vectoflow GmbH facilities in Gilching, next to Munich, Germany. The trip was concluded by a short visit of the Munich city center and the mandatory Bräuhaus dinner.

Participants in front of the Munich Rathaus. From left to right: Lokesh Onteru (SAL), Kolja Erbacher (TUB), Alexander Shatalov (SAL), Claire Bourquard (SAL), Domenik Schramm (Vectoflow), Cindy A. Baez Rivera (UC3M), José A. Garcia Souto (UC3M), Javier Lazaro Fernandez (UC3M), Lixiang Wu (SAL).

Participants inside the Vectoflow GmbH wind tunnel facilities. From left to right: Javier Lazaro Fernandez (UC3M), Kolja Erbacher (TUB), Lixiang Wu (SAL), Cindy A. Baez Rivera (UC3M), Lokesh Onteru (SAL), Claire Bourquard (SAL), Alexander Shatalov (SAL).