Members of the AEROMIC consortium met again in the AIRBUS Saint-Martin campus next to Toulouse, France on December 12 to 14, 2022. The goal of this consortium meeting was first and foremost to complete the aeroacoustic testing of single packaged microphones, both piezoelectric and piezoresistive, at the AIRBUS BACCHUS facility. On the Wednesday morning, a consortium workshop was held to discuss progress, challenges, and next steps of the AEROMIC project. Emmanuel Julliard (AIRBUS) and members of the AIRBUS acoustic testing team were hosting the other consortium members: Cindy A. Baez Rivera (UC3M), Kolja Erbacher (TUB), Ha Duong Ngo (TUB), Lokesh Onteru (SAL) and Claire Bourquard (SAL). The hydrib workshop was also attended remotely by Alexander Shatalov, Cristina De Luca, , Javad Abbaszadeh, Yanfen Zhai and Lixiang Wu from SAL, by José A. Garcia Souto from UC3M, from Adina Neascu and Christian Novotny from USound GmbH, by Domenik Schramm from Vectoflow GmbH and by Carsten Spehr from DLR. The on-site participants could also take the occasion to visit the Toulouse Christmas market in the evening!

Toulouse Christmas market on the place du Capitole